Supervisor Employee Conflict

How to Minimize Tension in Supervisor Employee Relationships

If you’ve recently been promoted you may know that stepping into the role of supervisor has challenges and can lead to conflict and tension between you and your employees. People are emotional and judgmental and may not support you as their supervisor.

As a supervisor you need to learn different leadership styles to manage the employees under your care. There is not a “standard” approach to supervision. You are working in a dynamic, ever-changing work environment with human beings – anything can happen – and will. You will be impacted by many factors as a supervisor.

Failing to maintain balance among the four categories (quadrants) of supervision may lead to tension and conflict in other areas. Focus on the broader mission of the organization; consider both short and long-term consequences and concentrate on all the categories of supervision to help maintain balance of the needs of your staff and yourself.

As a supervisor you should clarify expectations, set clear standards, provide respectful feedback and model desired behaviors. The more you uphold values and morals, build trust, and respect your employees the better they will understand your expectations and achieve them without tension and conflict.

Communication plays a tremendous role in supervisor employee relationships. As you communicate you should want to strive for win-win outcomes, fix problems and agree to disagree. Try to avoid I win; you lose scenarios if possible and never sabotage an employee.

Creating two-way communication involves listening, empathy, honesty, openness, commitment and dedication. As you talk with your employees try to empower, educate, learn, and understand..

“Focus on the situation, issue or behavior and not on the person.” Achieve Global

Communication Don’ts – Things You Should Never Say or Do

  • “This is the way it is…”
  • “You’re wrong…”
  • “What’s your proof…”
  • “Whatever”
  • “You…”
  • We vs. They or Us vs. Them

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