Role of a Supervisor

It is your responsibility as a supervisor to ensure employees are doing their job and doing it right. Often too much time is spent focusing on improving performance and not enough time is spent asking the question, “Did we do the right thing?” It is important to remember that our actions should represent our values.

Supervisors are responsible for the production of a group of people. As a leader, your reputation is on the line for every idea, program or product presented. In order to make sound decisions you need to identify your principles and the values of the company in which you work.

As a practice exercise: 1) Identify common ethical problems and solutions. 2) Assess the values of the organization you work for and align your values accordingly. 3) Think about the characteristics of leaders that promote value based behavior.

The effectiveness of a supervisor largely depends on their ability to demonstrate the following characteristics to both employees and co-workers.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Forward Looking
  • Inspiration
  • Credibility

Credibility can be lost quickly if a leader’s stated values are contrary to their actions. However, if you behave consistently with your values you are setting a good example and instilling the same values in your employees.

Supervisors know what needs to be accomplished but sometimes stop looking at the big picture of consequences of behavior. The end must justify the means. Supervisors that take the unpopular positions knowing that it is the right thing to do, who stand on their word and can admit when they are wrong are leaders who will be respected and admired. Align your values with those of the organization and apply the vision, mission and goals of the organization to situations before making decisions.