Leadership and Team Building

Team Building Introduction

”Leadership is the process of persuasion or example by which an individual (or leadership team) induces a group to pursue an objective held by the leader or shared by the leader and his or her followers.” –John W. Garner

Leadership and team building go hand and hand. Studies have shown that leaders who aren’t able to build and lead effective teams will see their careers stall. Team building benefits everyone in the workplace when they are operating at their fullest capacities and working together.

Building a successful team requires support and development. If a team is given sufficient attention and direction, there is great potential not only for accomplishing their task, but also for individual and team learning opportunities.

One of the big challenges for leadership is maintaining a balance of “directive” and “delegative” style among the leader and the team members. Since no two teams are a like it is important to know when to set clear boundaries and expectations and when to let the team run with the ball on their own.

The leader of a team has many roles relating to team building. They must establish trust, balance their authority (ultimately they are responsible for the teams’ success), monitor performance, problem solve, conflict resolution, and maintain team spirit.

Benefits of Team Building

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How to Build a Team

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Building Effective Teams

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