Create a Positive Work Environment

As a supervisor it is your responsibility to create and maintain a positive work environment. Without this you are setting yourself up for a high turnover rate, lower productivity, and a lot more work for yourself.

When creating a positive work environment think about the climate of the workplace. How can it be improved? Are there any particular individuals that take away from having a positive work environment? Deal with these issues promptly. Every employee should know where you stand and what you expect from them. Lead by example, be a role model. Failure to praise and recognize your employees can take away from a positive work environment. Encourage your employees and praise work well done often; do this on a regular basis, publicly, and privately.

Offer feedback to your employees; give them more guidance and instructions. Constructive criticism can also play a role in creating a positive work environment. In general, people want to better themselves and do a good job. Redesign the job to fulfill higher levels of needs such as independence, challenge and creativity.

Develop a tendency to teach your team members more thoroughly, teach more advanced techniques, and challenge your employees. Give them something to work for and don’t be afraid to teach them everything you know about the job. Get their input on things and encourage questions and discussion. Encourage your team members to use their talents and abilities to better do the job. Identify what motivates employees best and use alternative methods of motivation along with employee goal setting.

Have an open door policy where employees can approach you with any issues or questions they may have. If they know they can come to you with questions and or concerns it says a lot about how much they trust you.

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