Common Traits of Leaders

A long time ago leaders were thought to be born with the ability to lead, however, because of contributions in psychology we have been able to identify common traits that leader, past and today, possess. The great thing about these traits is that they can be learned, developed and refined by anyone with the desire to be an effective and great leader.

Common Traits of Leaders

  • High Standards of Excellence – Leaders want to do their best at all they do and are dominated by a sense of duty. They have high standards and are self-disciplined.
  • Emotionally Healthy – Leaders need to be able to handle stress, frustration and be able to react to many different situations. They must be well adjusted and have the emotional health and maturity to deal with everything that comes their way. Even if it is admitting they don’t have the answer.
  • Enthusiastic – Leaders are seen as active, expressive and energetic and they tend to be optimistic and focus on solutions rather than the problems.
  • Self-Confidence – Leaders understand that they will make mistakes and they learn from those mistakes. They don’t need other people to reassure them. They have high self-esteem and they don’t let guilt and shame get in their way.
  • Intuitive – The world is about change and to keep up leaders need to be intuitive. Many businesses fail because they are slow to act or don’t act at all when threatened by a competitor or a market shift. Sometimes you need to trust your gut to be successful.
  • Positive Attitude – People with a positive attitude are fun to be around and that goes for leaders too. Having a positive attitude draws the best out in you and others.
  • Empathy – Being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes is a key trait of leaders today. Without empathy, you can’t build trust; without trust, you will never be able to get the best effort from your team.
  • Integrity – Leaders need to have integrity, morals and character. It is difficult to work for someone that takes advantage of others, cuts corners and doesn’t hold themselves to high standards. Leaders need to be trusted and respected.

You can develop your leadership skills by reading, classes, seminars and getting a role model. The key to being a good leader and learning the common traits of a leader is persistence. Anyone can do anything they set their mind to.

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